Why Real Estate?

A question we get asked a lot is, “Why Real Estate?”

As a Realtor, you’re basically on call 7 days a week. Your days are filled with driving around, filling out contracts, answering phone calls and responding to emails. There are simpler, easier ways to make a living that take less time and effort.

Image result for log cabinBut  – you’re also meeting new people every day, and helping those people take the next step in their life. It’s exciting! That’s what buying and selling homes comes down to, after all. Living life. Sellers need to sell their home so they can move on to their next adventure. Buyers need to buy a home so they can begin their adventure in their new location. As Realtors, we get to vicariously experience fresh starts and new beginnings all the time!

Image result for shingled cape cod houseAnd – we love houses. Big houses, small houses, Cape Cods and Log Cabins, homes with history and new builds with gleaming surfaces just waiting to be etched with memories. Being able to help people – especially by doing something you’re passionate about, is a very special thing.

So when someone asks us, “Why Real Estate?”, we answer, “Why not? What’s not to love?”


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