Cupcake Battle (Need we say more?)

Image result for cupcakesThis Saturday, February 18th, 2017, is the 7th annual Cupcake Battle at the North Conway Community Center in, where else? North Conway, NH. Can you think of a better reason to come visit the valley this weekend? Or, for all you locals, to break through the mounds of snow that surround your driveways?

The ‘battle’ is a fund raising event for White Mountain Valley Promotions

 There are 4 delicious event categories: Child, Teen, Home and Professional.

One $12 ticket entitles the holder to sample a miniature cupcake from each of the bakers and to cast their vote for their favorites. The event takes place from 1-3:30pm, with a tally of the votes immediately after the doors close.

This is just one of the many events that take place year round (I think you’ll find that those of us in the valley have a well-developed sweet tooth – next Sunday is our annual Chocolate Fest!)

16-farmWe wish we could be there to see who comes out (and sample the cupcakes), but we’ll be badgerhosting an open house, both this weekend and the next, at Unit 16 at Farm at New England Inn Rd in gorgeous, nearby Bartlett, NH (near the New England Inn). If you’re in the area, you should come see this AMAZING luxury 3/3 luxury built in 2016! Hope to see you there!


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