Black Fly Season in the Valley – What You Need to Know

blackfly1.jpgNow that the long winter is over and we find ourselves venturing outside to enjoy the warm, sunny days, we need to keep in mind that black flies will be on the prowl. They are most active at dawn and dusk, and if you get bitten, the bites can cause itching and swelling. Here are some tips to keep damage to a minimum.

1)      Use a bird feeder as a trap to attract the black flies and birds will eat the flies for a tasty meal (But keep in mind that Bears are also attracted to bird seed!)

2)      Stay inside before a storm, on cloudy days, and at sunset—-They tend to be more active at these times.

3)      Wear lighter clothing and avoid dark colors, or wear long pants and sleeves.

4)      Use insect repellant or DEET to help detract the pesky flies. There are also some natural alternatives on the market if you don’t like using chemicals. Citronella and Lemon Eucalyptus oil are popular deterrents.

5)      Keep on the move and do not slow down to keep yourself from being an easy target.

6)      Avoid wearing perfume or strong fragrances.

7)    As nice as it is to relax along the bank of a stream, brook, or river, keep in mind that running water is a breeding ground for black flies.

With just a little forethought and preparation, you can enjoy your time out in nature and avoid being chased back inside!

Will’s Red Coat by Tom Ryan April 25, 2017 Book Launch

Will's Red CoatThe wait is finally over!

The WILL’S RED COAT Book Launch Event will be this Tuesday, April 25, at 7 p.m. at the Kennett High School Auditorium.  WILL’S RED COAT, the highly anticipated second book by local favorite and New York Times bestselling author, Tom Ryan, will be released on this day!

Tom will be at Kennett High School Auditorium in North Conway, NH, on the release night. He will talk about his book, sign copies, and answer questions from the audience.

WILL’S RED COAT is the true story of acceptance, perseverance, and the possibility of love and redemption as evocative, charming, and powerful as the New York Times bestseller FOLLOWING ATTICUS. Drawn by an online post, Tom Ryan adopted Will, a frightened, deaf, and mostly blind elderly dog, and brought him home to live with him and Atticus. The only owners Will ever knew had grown too fragile to take care of themselves, or of him. Ultimately, Will was left at a kill shelter in New Jersey.

Tom hoped to give Will a place to die with dignity, amid the rustic beauty of the White Mountains of his New Hampshire home. But when Will bites him numerous times and acts out in violent displays, Tom realizes he is in for a challenge. With endless patience and the kind of continued empathy Tom has nurtured in his relationship with Atticus, Will eventually begins to thrive. Soon, the angry, hurt, depressed, and near-death oldster transforms into a happy, gamboling companion with a puppy-like zest for discovery.

Will perseveres for two and a half years, inspiring hundreds of thousands of Tom and Atticus’s fans with his courage, resilience, and unforgettable heart. A story of a dog and an indelible bond that is beautiful, heartbreaking, uplifting, and unforgettable, WILL’S RED COAT honors the promise held in all of us, at any stage of life.

TICKETS FOR THE EVENT are $30 for a signed book and ticket to event, $5 for each additional ticket (*only available as add-on to $30 book/ticket combo) $25.99 for each additional book (retail price) *ages 10 & under FREE! Tickets are available for purchase at White Birch Books located in North Conway Village. To order, please stop in or call 603.356.3200. There is limited space and they expect to sell out, so the sooner the better! Proceeds from this event will be donated to the Conway Area Humane Society. – See more at:

What Does a Realtor Do To Sell a Home?

Hey Homeowners –

Are you curious about what a Realtor does to sell a home?

Sure, some Realtors just accept the listing and wait for a buyer to find them, but there’s a difference between listing a home and selling a home.

Maybe the better quearticle1.3stions is, are you curious about what a Badger Realty agent does to sell a home?

It’s no simple process.

First, the agent will determine the value of your property. This isn’t just to ensure that you get the best price for your home. It’s also to ensure that once an offer is made and accepted, the deal makes it through financing and the appraisal process.


Proper pricing is key.

Second, we prepare the listing. Your house is measured, special features are noted, and system information is obtained for heating, electrical, plumbing, water and sewerage. We want to be as knowledgeable about your house as possible, so we can quickly and accurately answer a buyer’s questions and instill confidence in their interest in your home.

Next, we send a professional photographer out to capture your home in its best light. These photographs are shown to prospective buyers through an array of marketing programs.

At Badger Realty, in order to minimize inconvenience, we arrange an office caravan to view your home as a group, at a time that’s convenient to you, so that all of our agents are familiar with your property and will be able to speak knowledgeably to prospective buyers.

housecashThen, we advertise your property on 100’s of Real Estate websites, both nationally and internationally. We print brochures, create virtual visual tours, use radio, newspaper and magazine ads, place signs, do direct mailings . . . basically, we shout across the valley and beyond to make sure that anyone who is in the market to purchase a property in the area knows that your home is for sale.

Perhaps most important – Badger is a name that buyers trust. With over 50 years presence in the valley, Badger Realty not only has brand recognition, but also agents that live, work, mingle and play in the valley, keeping us on the forefront of what’s happening.

If you’re serious about selling your home, Badger Realty gets results.

Call or email today with any questions about what we can do for you. We look forward to hearing from you soon!




DIY Brewery Tour in the #NorthConway NH area

We might not have a beer tour bus like some cities (cough….Portland), but the Mt. Washington Valley holds its own when it comes to breweries to visit.

If you’re in the North Conway area, there are several at your fingertips. We suggest you stop by Moat Mountain, Sea Dog’s, or Tuckerman’s . Not only do these breweries have a fine selection of beers for you to chose from, they have fantastic food menus as well. (Note – Tuckerman’s restaurant is separate from their brewery, but the restaurant has a great taps selection on site.)

If you cross the border into Maine, you might want to check out Saco River Brewing. This is an excellent up and coming brewer, and while they don’t have an onsite kitchen, you can sample a flavor or two on tap at some of the local restaurants, like the 302 West in Fryeburg, Maine.

Hiking on the other side of the Kanc? Head on over to the Woodstock Brewery (better yet, stay at the Inn – wait, a brewery at the hotel? Yes, please!) and when your done there, give the One Love Brewery in Lincoln a try.

Or, maybe you’re on your way up to the White Mountains and you just can’t wait? Lucky for you, Hobb’s Tavern & Brewing Company is right off of Route 16 in Ossippee, NH.

Whatever your tastes, whatever your sipping needs, the Mt. Washington Valley has you covered!



8th Annual #Art Celebrates Place #whitemountains

Every year since 2010, the Upper Saco Valley Land Trust invites local artists to visit properties that have been conserved with the help of the Land Trust and to get inspired! Every piece of art varies in both inspiration and composition, but all feature the same theme.

The theme of the 8th annual Art Celebrates Place show is “Historic Farms”. This year, participating artists have gone out “onto the land” at the Amos Merrill Homestead, Hayes Farm, and Dundee conservation easements in Conway and Jackson. A sampling of their work will be shown in the coming weeks.


The official opening of the 8th annual Art Celebrates Place opening will take place on Friday, April 7, 2017 from 5:00 – 7:30 PM at the Tin Mountain Conservation Center’s Nature Learning Center. Mark your calendars for this true community celebration filled with local art, music, and food–a true harbinger of spring for the Mount Washington Valley .

In 2016, the Land Trust created the first annual Art Celebrates Place calendar in attempts to capture these differences in print form to enjoy all year-round. Special thanks to our local business sponsors whose support made the 2017 Art Celebrates Place calendar possible:

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