Black Fly Season in the Valley – What You Need to Know

blackfly1.jpgNow that the long winter is over and we find ourselves venturing outside to enjoy the warm, sunny days, we need to keep in mind that black flies will be on the prowl. They are most active at dawn and dusk, and if you get bitten, the bites can cause itching and swelling. Here are some tips to keep damage to a minimum.

1)      Use a bird feeder as a trap to attract the black flies and birds will eat the flies for a tasty meal (But keep in mind that Bears are also attracted to bird seed!)

2)      Stay inside before a storm, on cloudy days, and at sunset—-They tend to be more active at these times.

3)      Wear lighter clothing and avoid dark colors, or wear long pants and sleeves.

4)      Use insect repellant or DEET to help detract the pesky flies. There are also some natural alternatives on the market if you don’t like using chemicals. Citronella and Lemon Eucalyptus oil are popular deterrents.

5)      Keep on the move and do not slow down to keep yourself from being an easy target.

6)      Avoid wearing perfume or strong fragrances.

7)    As nice as it is to relax along the bank of a stream, brook, or river, keep in mind that running water is a breeding ground for black flies.

With just a little forethought and preparation, you can enjoy your time out in nature and avoid being chased back inside!

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